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What is PrEP?

Posted: 05/02/2016

By: Notiese, CAPASITS, SETAC y Amigos Contra el Sida


We like to introduce you to PREP. It is a controversial topic, but more frequently it is being provided by governments and health insurers. PrEP is Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, and it is the use of an anti-HIV medication that keeps HIV negative people from becoming infected. PrEP is approved by the FDA and has been shown to be safe and effective. A single pill taken once daily, it is highly effective against HIV when taken every day. A combination of two HIV medicines (tenofovir and emtricitabine), sold under the name Truvada® (pronounced tru vá duh), is approved for daily use as PrEP to help prevent an HIV-negative person from getting HIV from a sexual or injection-drug-using partner who’s positive. Remember Prep is not effective in preventing sexually transmitted diseases, so you should still use a condom.

Why has Mexico not embraced the PREP concept? Prep is expensive within the Mexican economy. It requires treating healthy people before they are infected. The concept of providing expensive medication to healthy people is not yet understood in Mexico. Hopefully in Mexico we will see the beginning of support pilot groups or programs to provide greater access toPrEP.

For more information see http:// www.cdc.gov/hiv/basics/prep.html