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A Special Note From Apaches Bar Puerto Vallarta

Posted: 20/04/2016

By: GAYPV News Team

The history of Apaches from Mari Ann, the original owner, and a welcome introduction of the new owners!

In 1997 I made a personal decision to move to Puerto Vallarta. I took a year leave of absence from my position in Social Services and decided that Puerto Vallarta needed a Martini Bar, at that time there were none. After looking at over 20 storefronts, I decided on a location on Olas Altas. It was small but had potential. A design was sketched out on a napkin; bonuses were negotiated with the workers as an incentive to complete the workwithin two weeks. The project was finished in 2 weeks….much to everyone’s surprise!

However, the liquor license was denied. In those days, you were allowed a 10 minute sitting with the Mayor or Vice Mayor. After a conversation with the Vice Mayor, explaining my dilemma, She issued me a license. The name Apaches was chosen because I felt like a “warrior” after jumping through all the hoops. I also have a tremendous amount of respect for the Indigenous people. Not to mention, it begins with an “A”, which puts you at the top of the list!

I met Endra 2 years later at table number “5” and we have been together for 17 years. Endra as the bartender has made a great deal of people happy over the years. Of course Apaches would not be the great place it is without our wonderful staff, Freddie, Chuy, Felipe, Alejandra, Julieta and most recently Ricardo. Also, Apaches owes its success to Andre, owner of Apaches Bistro. Andre’s culinary skills and delights have added a great deal to Apaches success. However, most important is his friendship, and the best neighbour anyone could ask for.

Endra & I would like to all of the people who have supported Apaches over the years and hopefully will continue to support the new owners, Geoff and Ricardo. They are wonderful guys and will continue to keep the spirit of Apaches alive. Thank you for all the wonderful years of friendship. 

WE LOVE YOU MORE!!! Endra & Mari Ann

A note from Ricardo and Geoff the New Owners:

It was in 1999 when I fell in love with Puerto Vallarta, my first time here as a tourist enjoying all the things tourists do. In the years that followed, my passion for this city grew to the point of creating a dream to live here one day, one we all have aspired to at one time
or the other.

In 2013, while on holiday, I met my current partner Ricardo. The deal was sealed. I went home to Winnipeg that winter, making the decision to leave my job as a Psychiatric Social Worker and make Vallarta my new home. Over countless trips, like many, I developed great
friendships with Mari Ann & Endra and since then, Apaches became our home away from home. Great times spent there over the years and many lasting friendships were made.

Like everything, things change and Mari Ann informed me of their intention to move back to Canada. With that, the decision was made that Ricardo & I would carry the torch for them upon their departure. It is truly a gift that we were given to have this exciting opportunity and we embraced it with open arms. We look forward to carrying on the spirit of Apaches, a place where new friends meet and old friends gather. We will miss the girls terribly and wish them nothing but happiness and success in the years to come. We are already looking forward to seeing them during their future vacations back to our lovely Vallarta. We thank you both for this great opportunity. We will make you both very proud!! Ricardo & I would also like to thank everyone for their support, our great staff, Freddie & Alejandra and our super neighbours over at Apaches Bistro, Andre, Chuy, Julieta & Felipe. We could not do this without you. To all our loyal customers, old and new, we remain committed to providing you with great service and a place you will continue to call your “home”. Again, we thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you all back at Apaches very soon.


Ricardo and Geoff (Congratulations to the new Owners Pictured Below!)

Photos Nick Maston GAYPV

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