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First Gay Couple Married in Vallarta Celebrates at Casa Cupula

Posted: 26/04/2016

By: Casa Cupula

Christian and Angel were happily surprised they were to be wed by Puerto Vallarta Mayor Arturo Davalos, among the first same sex couples married in Puerto Vallarta!  The happy couple’s wedding ceremony can be seen here. 

All of us at Casa Cupula are especially proud because Christian worked here about seven years ago, as our Systems Manager.  Around that time that he met Angel, and they have been together since.

Both were surprised when they were the first couple married (shortly followed in the ceremony by two women), and that the Mayor himself was to preside.  Their ceremony, a civil ceremony here in Mexico, was also on local television and featured on the Mayor’s Facebook page.

Gay weddings have been in the works in Mexico since last June, when the Mexican Supreme Court declared unconstitutional laws that blocked same sex marriage. Since then it’s been step by legal step, including changing the law in our state of Jalisco,  until finally the proper forms were available to carry out the marriages here in Puerto Vallarta last week.

Christian and Angel joined Casa Cupula guests at our Friday Night Warmup Party on April 22, where they were congratulated by guests and staff, and joined in a first dance for everyone.  They haven’t had time to organize a formal event, as Christian is headed to the US for a new job this week without Angel who will be joining him as soon as possible. That demonstrates a very important reason why marriage equality is so important, practically speaking.

Upon hearing this news, we were delighted to offer a brief but romantic Honeymoon package as our gift to the happy couple in our Sayuri Suite.  It was quickly decorated by our romance-loving staff with rose petals, candles, swan towels and more flowers as part of our “Den of Romance” package.  Check out our wedding and honeymoon packages at www.casacupula.com/weddings-puerto-vallarta.html.

We congratulate Christian and Angel and wish them all the best together!  We also would like to thank Mayor Davalos for the support of our vibrant LGBT community here in Puerto Vallarta!

Join us at Casa Cupula during Gay Pride in late May to celebrate this incredible step forward!  We look forward to hosting many more gay and lesbian nuptials!