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High Performance and HGH Vallarta

Posted: 12/01/2017

By: HGH Vallarta

At HGH Puerto Vallarta and in the HGH community It has been widely debated if HGH or human growth hormones can improve athletic performance. Some claim it does while others say it does not. When there was a story sent to us about how HGH produced a 0.4 second improvement in 100m sprinting, it piqued our interest. This prompted us to search for the article immediately and see if there was any veracity to it. Aside from researching on that particular news, we also found that there are numerous other articles on the subject. Several studies of HGH in various subject populations had apparently been done before.

Do athletes use it?

This is the burning question on everyone’s minds. Do athletes use HGH? Doping allegations have stated that athletes are using HGH as part of their drug cocktails. Admissions from athletes themselves and tell-all books state that some famous personalities have used this substance. However, until recently, there have been no tests for the hormone so in reality we have absolutely no idea how widespread the use of HGH is. We can be certain of one thing, though, athletes are using it. They think that HGH will provide some advantage and improve their performance.

What evidence tells us about HGH

There has been no exhaustive study performed on HGH yet and an article published in Annals of Internal Medicines have come up with an exhaustive summary of what people know about HGH and sports. Below is table reproduced from the article in the said Annals. The first thing you will notice is that the subject population is varied. Some are highly trained while others are not trained at all. These kids of studies can be difficult to execute because of the variety of the subjects.


 The real limitation is not the test subject but rather the paradigm within which people work and attempt to answer the many questions about HGH. On looking through these studies, you will see that the approach is one of two paths. There are people who are interested in the acute dose of effects while others believe that enhancing muscle mass and strength by itself is enough to improve performance.

And therein is the limitation. Because from where sports scientists sit, the main effect of HGH on athletes is that it allows them to complete more training and to train harder as well. Athletes can then sustain a larger overload without their bodies breaking down or becoming injured and all of these things turn to better performance.

Few other drugs have an acute effect as HGH or rather there are other drugs which have the same effect but are easily detected in the body such as amphetamines. However, there is one study we want to see and that is cyclists or trained runners with prescribed specific training, which has been proven to improve their performance.

Coping with stress

Aside from elevating the amount of stress that athletes can handle during their training periods, HGH can also improve a person’s ability to recover between competitions. One of the most interesting articles about this was written by journalist and cyclist Stuart Stevens for Outside Magazine.

The future of these studies is when sports scientists work with internal medicine physicians who are in the field of studying hormones and the effects of HGH on performance.

 At HGH Vallarta Age Management and bodybuilding hormone clinic located in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, we believe in professional prescription and use of Human Growth Hormone and testosterone to optimize your hormones and improve your wellbeing.

At HGH Vallarta Age Management and bodybuilding hormone clinic located in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, we believe in professional prescription and use of Human Growth Hormone and testosterone to optimize your hormones and improve your well being. Fly, Buy and Save. Book your appointment, book your flight. We offer the best prices and service in the Bahia de Banderas. HGH Puerto Vallarta will run your blood tests to determine your current HGH and testosterone levels and ultimately define your ideal treatment dosage so you receive the correct human growth hormone (HGH) benefits. We provide the best hormone therapy, best hormone treatment and bioidentical hormone replacement.

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