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G * Spirit is the first and only brand targeting the LGBT Mexico market.

The newly formed G * Spirit online store www.thegspirit.com begins operations May 16, 2014 and provides quick, safe online purchase with home delivery soon available.

The first very successful product was white tequila packaged in limited edition, silk screen collectible 250 ml glass bottles. Next produced was 750 ml bottles with white and reposado tequila. Also being released thru the G * Spirit online store are excellent Gourmet Coffee and Fruit Teas with more quality products to come.

In the online G * Spirit store we are proud to offer our customers a loyalty program called G * Points. Every online purchase receives points which accumulate which are redeemable for prizes such as iPods, Mini iPads, Apple TV, iTunes cards, gift cards from Liverpool and stores in France, gift cards for Gandhi bookstores and many other great prizes like romantic dinners in the best restaurants, spa massages, night getaways in great destinations, raffles, and concert tickets,

Current G * Spirit Products:
• Tequila White 750 ml Bottle
• Tequila Reposado 750 ml bottle .
• Distilled Agave Blanco in limited edition 250 ml silkscreen black and white collector series bottles.
• Gourmet Mountain Grown Coffee in 500g packages .
• Delicious Fruit tea in 150g packages. Flavors: Strawberry Kiwi Cranberry, Berry, Red Fruit, Mango Peach, and Cinnamon Guava.

Where I can buy the products of G * Spirit ?
These products can be purchased retail or wholesale also available at the online store of G * Spirit: www.thegspirit.com

) If you are interested in wholesale or distributing G * Spirit products, email info.gspirit@gmail.com or contact us via Twitter @GSpiritMx and Facebook: The GSpirit