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Sheol Art Gallery

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We invite you to learn ...  

   ... about the creative expression of art that the artistic community offers!

These works of art will give viewers insight and appreciation into the worlds of the artists who created them. The pieces are on display at the Sheol Art Gallery located in El Centro at Morelos #726.

Telephone: (322) 114 1069      Cellular: (044) 322 229 8560
Email: sheolartgallery@hotmail.com      Facebook.com/sheolartgallery

MONDAY through SATURDAY • LUNES a SÁBADO • 11:00am - 2:00pm • 5:00pm - 9:00pm
On 'Art Walk' Wednesdays, we close at 10:00pm       Miércoles de 'Art Walk' cerramos a las 10:00pm

Sheol Art Gallery is located in the downtown Puerto Vallarta, one block from the malecón/ boardwalk on Morelos street 726 in the cultural and most prestigious galleries area of this destination. Its architecture is an old house hacienda style, being the largest gallery of Puerto Vallarta and with a significant assortment of art pieces from Mexican artists with an outstanding and well known international trajectory such as Sergio Bustamante , Yuri Zatarain, Raúl Fombona, Héctor Massiel, Rodo Padilla, Ana Lilia Zepeda, Carlos Vega, Eduardo Medina Havlicek, Gabriela Muñoz, Alan Altamirano, Gustavo Lòpez, Tania Arias, Jorge Mateos, Leodan Gutierrez, María Elena Jasso, Jose Luis Muñiz, Hugo Zúñiga among others.

Likewise, important private collections from Mexican art collectors such as Jose Eduardo Gómez, Pedro Delgado y Lupita Covarrubias are display. Collectors whom over the years have achieved an important collection of transcendental artists in Mexico´s culture.

With a Mexican touch you will live an unforgettable experience when visiting SHEOL gallery. It is mainly characterized for its outstanding service and kind attention, receiving all visitors with a friendly and warm welcome. Attended by its owner Lic. Jose Eduardo Gomez who is glad to give excellent advice in regards to the artwork exhibited.

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