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SPARTACUS INTERNATIONAL GAY GUIDE: the most successful travel guide for the gay market!

Take advantage of the immense demand for this standard work! The following characteristics make this guide practical and easy to use: The important country information texts stand out in colour, distinct and colourful country and city maps assist rapid orientation, easy to find address listings with help of clearly structured and organized listing system.

SPARTACUS INTERNATIONAL GAY GUIDE has information for more than 160 countries world wide. The listing and text describe each country in an extensive introductory text, as well as the legal and social situation of gay men including unique cultural situations. In addition there are small informative texts regarding gay life in many selected cities.

The listing contains over 21,000 addresses, covering all aspects of gay life. Whether you are looking for a unusual hotel, the most popular beach or the local gay information center – here you will find them all. To add to this there are practical tips for your next holidays or business trips.

The new SPARTACUS INTERNATIONAL GAY GUIDE 2014/15: Up to date information at your finger tips.

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