The tour…

July 6 2017


June 30 2017 Bar Hop

Bill, Brando, Mark, Maxx and Bryan having a blast on Bar Hop!

Keith and Matt’s Private Honeymoon Tour

Keith and Matt treated each other to a private honeymoon tour May 6 2017..and they are talented! See the fun here

April 28 2017 Jaime’s Birthday Tour

We had a blast celebrating Jaime’s Birthday tour April 28 2017.  See the fun here

Cinco De Mayo 2017 Bar Tour

Our famous Cinco De Mayo tour was one to remember..if you can…Amazing fun with new friends. See our Video Fun Here

Maria and Anne Marie Wedding Tour April 20 2017

We welcomed 30 fantastically fun people for the celebration of Maria and Anne Marie in Puerto Vallarta. What a fun night!  Here is our fun. 

Sean and Hector’s Bachelor Party Tour April 21 2017

We hosted an amazing private bachelor tour for the next day wedding of Sean and Hector, with Kim and Caity, Katie. Errol, Joe, and Richard…Congratulations and it was great to be a part of this special evening.

April 20 2017 Tour

Kevin and Tremaine’s Whores celebrating a BIG night out! Great Fun here 

April 14 2017 Michael’s Celebration

Michael celebrated a birthday with new friends Adam, Dana, Gustavo, Bryan and MJ…A fun dinner with great gifts from Andrew Christian, Blondie’s, karaoke fun at Anonimo, Buckingham Palace Reina’s, sexy fun at Wet Dreams, LA Noche, and VIP no line at CC Slaughter’s…Celebrate your special event with new friends. See our Fun. 

April 6 2017 Tour

A Super fun group meet new friends Martha, Doris, Jean, Nic, Richard, Allan, and Ismael..Dinner and fun at Fusion Gourmet, then Blondies Loft, Anonimo “Sistine Chapel” for karaoke fun, Reinas “Buckingham Palace” La Fiesta Show Bar, and La Noche Go Go Bar.. See our fun 

March 30 2017 Tour Topher Dimaggio

March 30 2017 tour got to meet and get in bed with Topher Dimaggio who was at Casa Cupula this weekend. See the fun that Ash, Charlie, Marco, Jason, and Juan had. Dinner fun at Fusion, then visited Anonimo, Casa Cupula, Reinas, Wet Dreams, La Noche and invite you to Join the Party. 

March 25 2017

Steve got a surprise tour from his friend for his birthday.  We had a blast helping him celebrate with new friends Joshua and Noah, Alan and Ismael, Illue and Jorge. See how we liked to party here.  We includes some karoke fun but most we cant show online. Join us to celebrate your next event.

Birthday and Anniversary Celebrations March 24 2017

Double birthday and anniversary fun March 24 2017. We got great entertainment at Fusion Gourmet with Amy Armstrong and The Cabaret Project from The Palm and Michelle Johnson from Act 2. Then celebrating with new friends all night..See our video fun 

March 11 2017

Samantha celebrated 40 something and what fun…Birthday fun and games at Fusion Gourmet, Blondies, Karaoke at Anonimo, Reinas, Wet Dreams and La Noche… See our fun night here 

March 3 2017 Tour

A great group for March 3 2017.  A special treat with an encore from Debby Holiday at Fusion Gourmet, Karaoke fun at Anonimo, The warm up party at Casa Cupula, Buckingham Palace, Wet Dreams, La Noche, and CC Slaughter’s. We also got to meet one of the Well Strung members at Reinas.  See our video fun