Here is our upcoming party tours and special events! Book online because group fun is more fun!

  • Fri
    20:00Fusion Gourmet 156 Pilitas Street

    Pride Bar Hop with Dinner includes 2 GAY Pride events with cover, transportation and VIP No Line Access...
    8pm Dinner Fusion Gourmet with 2 drinks
    930 pm Casa Cupula Pride Glow Party includes 2 drinks, $200 peso cover and group transportation to and from the event
    11pm Wet Dreams All male strip club 1 drink or La Noche go go bar 1 drink 
    12 pm cover and VIP No Line Access, No drinks  to Pride Black Party hosted by Lucas Entertainment Porn star Alejandro Castillo
    Top shelf drinks, transportation, 2 pride parties, 5 drinks                                  $129 USD per person
    Nat'l or Lt drinks, transportation, 2 pride parties, 5 drinks                                 $114 USD  per person
  • Tue
    19:00Fusion Gourmet 156 Pilitas Street



    Gay Bar Hopping welcomes Atlantis with a special VIP bar hop schedule to end at 12pm in time for 2 am departure. Meet after the Gay Beach at 7pm for a meal and 8 pm without the meal for a great fun night of gay bar hopping. We can securely store your bag while on the tour so you dont have to return to the ship.
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