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Special Tours

Feb 27 2016 Tour

We welcomed  8 fun guys to Gay Bar Hopping. As usual our birthday boy on tour received his Andrew Christian Birthday present and a birthday celebration at Fusion Gourmet. Then a visit to a private M4M social party at Pinata PV Gay Hotel, Reinas, La Margarita, La Noche, and CC Slaughter’s. What a great night we…..

Nancy Roeder Goes Gay Vallarta Bar Hopping

Nancy Roeder visits Puerto Vallarta in January 2016 for the first time and does what every first time visitor does. She goes Gay Vallarta Bar Hopping. She is looking to meet her new gay best friend. We visit Mr Flamingo’s, Wet Dreams, La Noche, and Reina’s and finds many new gay friends.!! Here is just some…..

Feb 13 2016 Tour

Welcome Saby and Towanda, Roberto, and Robert on our February 13, 2016 Tour. It was a fun VIP Night Out! Fusion Gourmet, La Margarita, Reinas, Shisha Lounge, Anonimo, and drinks and VIP entrance to CC Slaughter’s

Feb 11 2016 VIP Cabaret Tour with Miss Conception

We had 9 fun guests on February 11 2016 cabaret hop to attend the Miss Conception show at The Palm Cabaret. We met for a wonderful dinner at The Swedes and a special visit from Coco Peru, then off to see Miss Conception at The Palm. Afterwards we visited the new Bar La Alhambra, and the sexxy…..

February 6 2016 Ladies Night Out!

We welcomed Marybeth and Patricia, Meg and Margaret, and Adrianna and Estrella for a fantastic Ladies Night Out. After our delicious meal at Fusion Gourmet, a stop at Verona bar, Reina’s Bar, an extended stay at Shisha Lounge, Paco’s Ranch for the drag show, and dancing at CC Slaughter’s. We had a great time on ladies night…..

January 22 2016 Tour with a Visit from Miss Conception

We welcomed David, Walter and Victor all first timers to Puerto Vallarta! Dinner then 5 great bars after ending at CC Slaughter’s! It’s always more fun than going alone. Miss Conception invited everyone to see her show playing at The Palm Cabaret. 

Jan 21 2015 Tour

We helped Nick celebrate the big 4-0 in Puerto Vallarta on GayVallartaBarHopping Tour!.Nick, Steve, Chris, Jeremy, Rick, Arnie and Chuck. What a great group of guys you were!! The night begins with a van pickup at their villa, then a delicious dinner at Fusion Gourmet where everyone knew we were celebrating hearing our party favors and…..

January 15 2016 Tour with Derek Allen Porn Star from Lucas Entertainment

We have a fun evening with Nathan from Pinata PV, Lyle, Raul, Paulo,  Donald, Chris  and Francisco. We were joined by Derek Allen, Mexico’s First Porn star from Lucasentertainment.com at Fusion Gourmet and later by Jo Ana and Chi Chi Rones at Reinas. Our fun filled tour visited Anonimo, La Margarita, Reinas, our own show and…..

Dueling Drag Divas Cabaret Show

Let’s see the Dueling Drag Divas on Bar Hopping! Add Dinner, Preferred Seating and 2 bar hops after the show! The tour is Wednesdays at 8pm and includes a delicious meal. Book online at http://gaypv.mx/hop//tour-cabaret

January 7 2016 Tour

We met Ryan, William, James, Lyle and David for a fun tour beginning with a great meal at The Swedes, then to Anonimo, Reinas, Wet Dreams, La Margarita, and La Noche. Ryan was celebrating his birthday and his first time in PV and got his free pair of Andrew Christian underwear. Thanks guys for a great…..

New Year’s Eve 2016 Bar Hop with Special Guest Topher Dimaggio

We rang in the New Year 2016 with a sold out 18 guys on Gay Bar Hopping. Our Special guest was Topher Dimaggio, including a delicious NYE menu from Fusion Gourmet, visiting Wet Dream’s, La Margarita, and then we joined the fireworks party with a spectacular view from Casa Cupula and champagne at midnight. Then off to…..

Special New Year’s Eve 2016 Bar Tour

Join us for a Spectacular New Year’s Eve Tour!  A delicious 3 course Dinner at Fusion Gourmet, 2 bar hops, then join the fireworks party at Casa Cupula with champagne and party favors at midnight and VIP No Line access to the final dance club to ring in the New Year! 5 venues and VIP No Line access!…..

DEC 24 2015 Tour with Amy Armstrong

A fantastic Christmas Eve tour with 10 guys joined by special guests Amy Armstrong and Bohemia Viva. They performed 3 songs at Fusion Gourmet, before we went to Blondies, Reinas, La Margarita, Wet Dreams, La Noche and CC Slaughters.

A fun twist on Gay Bar Hopping! Add a cabaret show!

The cabaret season is started! Add a cabaret show of your choice and 2 drinks, dinner with 2 drinks, and 2 gay bar hops after for an unforgettable fun evening. BOOK ONLINE http://gaypv.mx/hop//tour-cabaret t

DEC 12 2015 Tour with Sutton Lee Seymour

We had a great time with Eric, Robert, Karl, Arnold, Justin, Jose, and Rick. Robert was celebrating a birthday so he got his Top Hat from Andrew Christian, and Eric celebrating his acceptance into graduate school. We had a great time at Fusion Gourmet, then off bar hopping to Anonimo, Reinas, Wet Dreams, La Noche, Antropology,…..