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Alejandro Castillo Lucas Entertainment's newest star

He is Alejandro Castillo, the Puerto Vallarta resident that just became one of the new sensations of gay porn; before he was known as “HUGE” in social media and has been feeding fantasies as an amateur for long time, but now he just signed with one of the biggest and most popular companies in the industry, Lucas Entertainment. Lucas Entertainment was filming in Puerto Vallarta for the first time with some of the biggest names in the business like Adam Killian, Leo Forte and Damien Crosse.

GPV: Hi Alejandro, thank you for this interview and congratulations for your exclusivity with Lucas Entertainment. With who did you film your first scenes and where?

AC: Hi! I worked with Devin Franco, Dylan James, Stephen Harte, James Castle and Asher Devin and we filmed in the gorgeous beaches of Puerto Vallarta, the gay hotel Piñata PV, La Noche rooftop and the bathouse Spartacus.

GPV: What sexual role will be play in the industry?

AC: Top

GPV: How will you use your new fame to give back to the community?

AC: I would like to keep my campaign with Hornet for the HIV prevention and advocate for PrEP mainly, but also, it is important for me be a role model about to live your sexuality without prejudices. Life is short and we should live happy and satisfied with ourselves and our sexuality.

GPV: Why does Mexico lack famous porn actors?

AC: I think for many, it is the fear of what their families will think of them. México still has many people in the closet and a huge stigma to work in the porn industry for what people will think or say about them, in my case I have a lovely and smart family who support me since the beginning.

GPV: How will you deal with the pressure associated with the porn industry?

AC: I am confident within myself about what I am doing. I was ready for this step in my life so I am prepared mentally for what is to come.

GPV: Have you always wanted to be a porn star?

AC: Of course! and is not only about to have a “big talent” between your legs, is about to have the personality, the desire for exhibitionism and the enough confidence to be yourself, expose yourself and make of that the reason people loves you and follow your career.

GPV: What was it like filming your first scenes?

AC: It was great, I´m not shy of course, I felt very comfortable, the environment was just perfect and Lucas Entertainment is a company of professionals, I am very happy to have an exclusivity contract with them. By the way, it feels amazing to be the fantasy of many guys who see me in the films. I enjoy reading them on Twitter. 

GPV Why are you using your real name Alejandro Castillo?

AC: Why not? I´m sharing with the world a very important part of me, my sexuality, and as performer is important to feel myself 100% of the time.

There is only one Alejandro Castillo in gay porn, He is Mexican, you can find him on Lucas Entertainment. Follow his social media and films on Facebook: Alejandro Castillo  Twitter: @alejandrogcasti  Instagram: @alejandrogcasti

Here are the movies filmed in the first shooting in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Locations 
Bar La Noche

Piñata PV