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Kay Sedia Deported to Puerto Vallarta

Kay Sedia is proud to announce her world tour Taco Kisses will be  kicking off in Silverlake, CA and wrapping up in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!  That’s right Kay Sedia will be packing her sombrero and tiny bikini and taking her one-woman show Taco Kisses on the road, March 22-31 to The Palm Cabaret & Bar! 

But hold on to your tamales!  Because before Kay crosses the border she will be kicking off her worldwide tour for an exclusive three night/five shows of TACO KISSES at her only appearance in the United State of America.  TACO KISSES will run March 14-16, 2016 at the Cavern Club Theater in Sliverlake, CA www.kaysedia.com! The theater is inside the Castia Del Campo Restaurant and located at 1920 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027.  Tickets are on sale now at . Kay has always wanted to perform in to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico especially after seeing her idol, Charo cruise there on “The Love Boat.”   Dreams do come true when she appears at the The Palm Cabaret & Bar on March 22-31, 2016.

Kay Sedia was born in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, Kay is the youngest of 18 children and the prettiest of them all. So pretty in fact: she won the title and crown of Miss Tijuana Natural Springs Water, “The water that springs right thru you”. One of her duties as Miss Tijuana Springs was a self-guided, one-woman boat tour of the Pacific Ocean via San Diego. Thought to be dead and lost at sea, Kay emerged back into the border spotlight. It was the charity she founded, “Save the Donkeys,” which let her hometown know that she was O-Kay! She soon became romantically involved with her hunky arresting immigration officer. To prove her love to him, she joined the police academy… and failed. She then turned to high fashion modeling where she could make lots of money using her stylish good looks and charming personality. She had huge success with modeling girdles in the Penny Saver Magazine.  After being spotted there she was asked to join the crime-fighting trio Chico’s Angels.  
Kay moonlights and makes a modest living selling Tupperware (www.kaysedia.com) to helpless homemakers, maybe you saw her trying to help those “The Real Housewives of Orange County”  (season 5 episode 9).  Kay lives her life as a Detective/Model/Tupperware Sales Lady, but is the most voluptuous and the pretty Angel of all times.  (expect maybe Jaclyn Smith) 

We were able to speak to Kay before coming to Puerto Vallarta. Here is what we found out. 

 GAYPV Are you excited to be performing in beautiful Puerto Vallarta?

JES!! I got so excited that I peed my chonies!!  I can’t wait to share all my sexy wif the people of Puerto Vallarta! It'll be my first time performing here. It’s like I’m a virgin, otra vez!

 GAYPV Tells us a little about your show “Taco Kisses”.

Taco Kisses is about my journey from being a Tijuana Beauty Queen to trying to make it in Hollywood... a lot of greasy casting couches!

GAYPV  Tell our readers a little about you.

I'm an 18 year old international high fashion model from Tijuana, wannabe actress and a part time member of the crime fighting team Chico's Angels! we fight crime in CHA CHA heels!!... lots of jobs!!

GAYPV  I must say you’re a gorgeous Kay, has your beauty helped your career?

It's mostly helped, not to mention I have big chi chi's... those really help!

GAYPV  Something that not everyone knows but you’re also a top Tupperware saleslady, how did that come about?

It turns out that modeling girdles, acting in DMV caution videos and bursting perps don’t pay much, so when the other careers aren't working out (90% of the time) I'm one of the top selling Tupperware ladies in the USA & Canada (that's a different country)

 GAYPV What do you do when you are not performing or being the Tupperware diva?

Mostly looking for the next gig... I'm always one crisis away from working the Chicklet line again!

 Wow, you are also a part of "Chico's Angels" - how is that for you?

Well it’s really hard on me because I hab to be the smartest and the pertiest, but I guess the other girls, Chita & Frieda are okay, they’re like sisters to me, two ugly sisters.


Where: Olas Altas 508 , Old town (Zona Romantica) 
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Tuesday March 22 @7pm 
Friday March 25 @ 9:30pm 
Sat March 26 @ 9:30pm 
Sun March 27 @ 9:30pm 
Tues March 29 @ 9:30pm 
Thurs March 31 @ 7pm

Order Tickets: www.kaysedia.com