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Mama Tits at Act 2 Red Room for 2016-2017!

Hi Mama Tits..It is a pleasure to meet you and we are looking forward to seeing you in the Red Room in Puerto Vallarta (dates) You are Seattle’s Queen:Host/Crusader/Entertainer/Celebrity Which role do you enjoy the most and why? 

Hello Gay PV! It is a pleasure to meet you as well and I am so excited to be chatting with you about my upcoming solo show “Sweet Like Candye” this winter running November 2016-May 2017! Yes I have many roles I play, both the ones you mentioned and a few others, but I LOVE what I do so its all par for the course. If I had to choose a favorite role, I would say being an Entertainer because my job as an entertainer is not only to entertain but also to make people think. It’s a layered role, if you will. 

Tell us how Mama Tits was born? 

Mama Tits was born almost six years ago in Seattle. I have been doing drag for over 20 years, but it wasn't until about six years ago that I dove into it professionally. I was called “Busty McGee” at the time. My gal pal Robbie Turner, RuPauls Drag Race Season 8, actually was the one who came up with the name “Mama Tits” since, as Robbie put it: “Your tits are HUGE and in everyones face, and you love to take care of us all like a mother, you should be called Mama Tits,” and it stuck! I haven't looked back since. 

What are your shows like and will PV be the same? What can viewers expect? 

My shows at home in Seattle are a combination of live singing, lip sync, mini musicals and improvisational comedy and the last time I came to PV we brought my entire show and cast for our show “Mayhem with Mama”, this time its my I Diva show!
“Sweet Like Candy” is a Jazz and Blues tribute to the amazing and provocative music that is Jazz and Blues and the women who brought it all to life, sung LIVE through stories and comedy. I cant wait to share it with Puerto Vallarta, and in the Red Room Cabaret its going to be fabulous! 

Have you visited Mexico before and if so, what did you like?

Yes I have! My husband, my cast and I had the honor of performing a month long run of our show “Mayhem with Mama” in the Main Stage at Act II Stages this past March and we all fell in LOVE with PV: the people, the culture, the food, the scenery, everything. PV is truly one of the most magical paces in the world and I am honored to be coming back for 7 months! 

What do you hope to accomplish in the stage here in Vallarta? 

I am a self-motivated Diva, I am not one to sit by and wait for someone to hand me something, I simply go and get it! That is what PV is for me. This is a HUGE step for me, I am leaving my family behind, my show, my husband and my dogs to follow my heart and take a chance on me. I LOVE what I do, I LOVE being Mama and I LOVE entertaining people, this is what I was born to do. My hope for this run in PV is to make people laugh and think. I know this is just the beginning! 

What LGBT causes are near and dear to your heart? 

I have many that are near and dear to me but the two most important are HIV/ AIDS risk reduction and awareness, as well as HIV/ AIDS Stigma reduction. 

Do you have a drag mentor? 

Not really, I am a veery independent diva. Most of my Drag inspiration comes from a few of my idols. I always say, “If Jackie Beat, Divine and Lady Bunny had a sick and twisted child, you would get Mama Tits.” As for actual Drag Mothers I have two people who really took time for me when I needed it. Those two people are Sister Daya Reckoning of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence the Abbey of St Joan in Seattle and Margarita Sanchez from Las Vegas. Both of those people took the time to educate me on makeup techniques and showed me how to put my best face forward. 

Who does your costumes? 

I used to make most of them myself, but now I am blessed to have an amazing costumer that just knows my body and what styles work for me, he just creates and I just write checks! (haha) His name is Reymond Chapman and his company is Beyond Chapman Modern Couture. 

What would you like to accomplish in your career? 

Right now, I am building the foundation of what we will call the “Tits Empire.” I own a Talent/Production company in Seattle called Skyscraper Entertainment and we produce the #1 Drag Brunch in the Northwest US: Mimosas with Mama. We also produced Mayhem with Mama and we do numerous corporate, private and public events in the NW.  We’re expanding all the time! We have a team of 12 entertainers and stage crew currently. When it comes to Mama specifically, I wold like to travel more with my shows, US East Coast, the Midwest, more into Mexico, Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. I would love to work on cruise ships; hell maybe even my own reality show or LGBT travel show! The sky is the limit! 

What is new in your life or career? 

So much is new, but thats the way I like it — keeps me on my toes. I am also ways looking for ways to change things up and go to the next level so that is exactly why I am coming to PV for seven months. Having worked tirelessly for the past five years to our my show, Mimosas with Mama up and running in Seattle and now its time to work on a solo career too so it’s Mama’s turn to branch out and soar! 

Tell us something no one knows about Mama Tits... 

Hmmmmm… My life is an open book, typically so I don't know what to say here except maybe that I DETEST broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, raw or cooked. 

Is Pride becoming too commercial and only for the best looking guys? Is everyone welcome at most Pride events? 


Yes it has become more commercial than in the past, but I see that is only because LGBT people are becoming more widely accepted in most places so people and businesses want to support. Sometimes we, as people can get caught up on looks and feel that things are only for the “pretty,” but I say break those boundaries and thought processes. EVERYONE is beautiful in their own way, we are all unique and special and we should celebrate our differences and uniquenesses. I’m not an adonis personally and I never desire to be, but what I am is happy in my skin and I am happy with the impact I am making on this world of ours, so I let my colors shine bright no mater what. I think more people should shine like the stars they are rather than worry about what someone else may have that they do not. 

Describe Seattle’s pride and how are you involved? 

Seattle’s Pride is one of the largest Pride festivals in the United States, it is also the oldest pride parade in the United States, It envelops Seattle. I have had the honor and pleasure to be part of Seattle Pride for the past 10 years, either volunteering, being in the parade or working various events. I hosted the Seattle pride parade for five years, the 2014 Pride Parade was the year that my life changed forever after I stood up to the anti-Gay protesters, that story took off around the world like wild fire, its still very surreal. I have also been working very closely with the producers of Seattle PrideFest the LARGEST FREE pride festival in the United States. In the past I have hosted the main stage, headlined the MainStage with a few mini musical productions and this year, I was asked to be a headlining performer alongside such amazing talents as Lady Bunny, Candice Kane, Cazwell, Big Freda and Kristine W! Pride in Seattle is near and dear to my heart, whether I am working the big Pride events, throwing my annual Pride Party Fundraiser, or working the numerous public and private events. I hope to be part of the battle community for any years to come.

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