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University of Monterrey: New Vaginal Creme Blocks HIV Transmission

Posted: 04/02/2014

By: GAYPV News Team

University of Texas researchers in partnership with the University of Monterrey, Mexico, have created a new vaginal cream that prevents HIV transmission. Humberto Lara Villegas, specialist in nanoparticles and virology from the University of Monterrey, in an interview with Science Daily  said that HIV normally enters CD4 cells "with the aid of a protein known as GP120, which allows the virus adherence to the cells. This same principle is used by silver nanoparticles to attach themselves to this protein and block it, turning the virus inactive." 

The cream uses silver nanoparticles to block the virus from entering CD4 immune cells. SD reports that the vaginal cream "has been tested in samples of human tissue and has proven the efficiency of silver nanoparticles to avoid the transmission of the virus through cervical mucous membrane." Villegasalso stated that the cream take less than a minute to begin working and can last up to 72 hours, and because of the unusual blocking process, would provide protection for the woman and her partner, regardless of who might be carrying HIV.

"Right now, I am certain that this microbicide is going to avoid the virus entering the organism, but I cannot yet assure that is totally harmless, because the clinical trials are a long and expensive process"

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