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US$7,000 Raised for SETAC GLBT Center in Puerto Vallarta

Posted: 20/03/2014


Casa Cupula and Taste Restaurant are proud to announce that they have raised over $25,000 pesos the last two weeks for SETAC, Puerto Vallarta’s Center for fighting HIV/AIDS.

They are still adding the numbers, but here are the minimums so far:

  • $6000 pesos from Dine for a Cause March 10-17
  • $4000 pesos from donations from guests at our Friday Night Warmup Parties
  • $2000 pesos match of the above at 50%
  • $1,000 USD direct donation from Casa Cupula to SETAC

That adds up to about $2,000 USD or $25,000 pesos.  BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!

We have also been told by our friends at Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS that they have generously donated another $5,000 USD to SETAC this week.  Special thanks to Executive Director, Casa Cupula VIP and friend Tom Viola for expediting this and helping us by providing posters to sell and Broadway Bares shows to watch.

If you’re not in Vallarta, and feeling left out of the good will, please contact Casa Cupula through their web page where donations to SETAC can be made online.

Visit www.setac.com.mx to learn how to contribute to a 501(c)3 from the US, or direct to them online.

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