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Obama Makes Surprise Video Opening for Gay Games

Posted: 12/08/2014

By: GAYPV News Team

US President Barack Obama make a surprise video opening August 9, 2014 to the 2014 Gay Games currently being held in Cleveland, Ohio.

More than 60 nations and 10,000 athletes are expected to participate. The gay games originated in 1980 by Tom Waddell and was the first attempt to introduce gay athletes to the traditonal macho sports world.

The gay games were originally called the Gay Olympics and Waddell and his partner Charles Deaton became the first gay couple to appear on a national US magazine cover, 1976 People magazine.

Waddell, a true gay pioneer, died in 1987 and would have been thrilled to see the successful growth of Gay Games. Imagine the stigma of being a gay athlete in 1980 sports world. Waddell created the Gay Games to brings gays and lesbians together "to dispel the prevailing attitudes in sports regarding ageism, sexism and racism."