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Who are the openly Gay Politicians in Mexico?

Posted: 26/02/2015

By: Alejandro Castillo

Who are the openly Gay Politicians in Mexico?

by Alejandro Castillo

Benjamín Medrano Quezada
(TWITTER / @BenjaminMedran ) pre-candidate for  federal deputy from the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI), could become the fourth federal openly gay legislator in Mexico. On January 15, the town council from Fresnillo Zacatecas accepted the request of Medrano Quezada, who in 2013 became the first openly gay mayor in all México. In his words: “The masculinity is not between your legs, it is in the inteligence and the proposal”
Now, with the announcement of his federal pre-candidature, he recognizes his aspiration to contend for the Zacatecas gouvernment of Zacatecas in 2018. Medrano Quezada now is one of the few Mexican politicians openly gay in Mexico. Here are the others. 
Patria Jiménez
In 1997, Patria Jiménez from San Luis Potosi, reached the federal council to represent Partido de la Revolución Democrática (PRD), becoming the first Mexican legislator coming out. As congresswoman she integrated to the Special Commission of Equity and Gender (Commission Especial de Equidad y Género) and was spokesperson of 
the Lesbian Organization in the XXXIX Session of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women.
David Sánchez Camacho
David was elected deputy for the Legislative Assembly of Distrito Federal (2000-2003). He organized the first forum of Sexual Diversity and Human Rights in Distrito Federal and proposed to penalize any kind of discrimination in México City. In 2006 as Federal Deputy where he proposed every May 17 was the National Day for the Fight Against of Homophobia. In 2007 he proposed the Federal Law Against Discrimination of the Human and Civil Rights for Transgenders and Transsexuals. 
Enoé Uranga
Between 2000 and 2003 Uranga worked as chairwoman for the Commission of Human Rights in the Legislative Assembly of Distrito Federal. She assisted as official representative of the Legislative Assembly of DF in the World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia an other Forms of Intolerance in Durban, Sudáfrica.
She was panellist of México in the Confederación Parlamentaria de las Américas (COPA), made it in Río de Janeiro, Brasil, en 2003, where with other deputies represented officially to the Assembly.