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What A Drag 2016 Fundraiser

Posted: 22/02/2016

By: Ray Vallarta

The 2016 What a Drag Fundraiser raised more than 500,000 pesos. The fundraiser created by Ray Vallarta and Freda Thompson was hosted by Sutton Seymour and Kim Kuzma and held at Act 2 Entertainment . 

The annual benefit show in Puerto Vallarta consists of straight business men of the PV community paired with "Drag Mothers" who dressed and trained them to be fabulous drag queens. The funds go to the Women's Shelter in PV. This year the contestants and Drag Mothers were 

Candy Apple by Mike Lyman and Nathan Frye, 

Bella DaBall by Paul Karuntzos and Sutton Lee Seymour

Miss Fit by Charlie Hernandez and Jo Anna

Wanda Arouseme by Alfredo Sanchez and Steven Hedda Lettuce Polito Carly Ozard

Helen Wheels by David Guilmette and Kay Nash

LaQueefa Kegel by Sterling O'Ran and Javier Martinez

Josie Ferenc by Joe Ferenc live and Chi Chi Rones

Huachi-Nallga by Joe Jack and Lorena Peril Narbaitz

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