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Same Sex Marriage in Puerto Vallarta

Posted: 30/05/2016

By: Lic. Roberto Ortiz de Montellano Farias

Same-sex marriage in Vallarta

As a gay man, growing up in a Latin-American country which is predominantly Catholic and where machismo and homophobia were (and in some places of Mexico still are) constantly present, was not an easy experience. Until recent years, I never thought that whenever I would choose a life partner, we would have both the prerogative and the choice of having our relationship legally recognized. However, Mexico is a country in transition governed by rule of law. During the last 6 years, laws have been passed and rulings from our National Supreme Court have been issued that protect gay rights and allow same-sex marriages to be performed and recognized nationwide.

Puerto Vallarta was part of this transition and since last month marriage licenses to same-sex couples have been issued in our city. This is a huge step considering that Puerto Vallarta has been an important LGBT destination for many years.

So if I got married in the U.S. or Canada, is my same-sex marriage from abroad valid in Vallarta and Mexico?

Yes, it is. Our National Supreme Court issued an historic ruling on 2010 in which it stated that same-sex marriages performed in any Mexican state or abroad, had to be recognized at a federal level by all states. It is advisable that if you spend considerable time in Puerto Vallarta and you have a same-sex marriage certificate from abroad, you should start the proceeding of having that certificate legalized under Mexican law, and that way you and your spouse won’t have difficultieswhen visitation rights are required or when health decisions have to be made.

If I’m foreign, can I marry in Puerto Vallarta?

Yes. Two foreign people can have a same-sex marriage in Puerto Vallarta, and also a foreign person and a Mexican can have a same-sex marriage here. The paper work is different but in both cases you will get a marriage license and a marriage certificate. As you may know, the Vallarta Gay Pride is taking place during this week and because of the recent events regarding same-sex marriage, this year the festivities have a special meaning to our community. It is indeed a time to celebrate, so “Happy Pride” to all of us!

There are a few more requirements to be married in Puerto Vallarta that you should be aware of.

Roberto Ortiz de Montellano was born in Mexico City. He has lived and studied in Mexico, the U.S. and Europe and obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Law in 1994 from the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, one of Latinamerica’s most prestigious universities. Right after finishing his undergraduate studies, he started working in the banking sector. In a period of ten years, he worked for Banca Serfin, Bancomer and Banca Afirme, three of the largest banks in Mexico at that time. He started in the Loans Division and then moving on to the Trust Division, where he handled corporate, international and real estate trusts.

For more information contact Robert via E-mail: roberto@ortizdemontellano.com    website http://www.ortizdemontellano.com