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Guadalajara Mall forces Levi Store to remove Pride Display

Posted: 12/07/2016

By: GAY PV Magazine

Andares Mall in Guadalajara has allegedly demanded that the Levi’s store remove its prominent window display promoting its current Pride collection. This has lead to a social media protest of Andares mall. Sources also state the mall has sent a circular letter to all stores highlighting the specific clauses relating to ‘acts contrary to law, morals or good customs. 

Levi’s® has been a long-time friend of the LGBT community standing for equality. They granted domestic partnership benefits over 20 years ago, but their commitment to equality goes beyond their employees. We’ve had a loud-and-proud presence in the SF Pride Parade for years, and this year Levi’s® employees around the world will be sharing the love at their local Pride celebrations.

 This pride collection celebrates key moments in gay rights history and a portion of proceeds benefit the Harvey Milk Foundation. See the collection