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US Navy honors Harvey Milk

Posted: 17/08/2016

By: GAY PV Magazine

Harvey Milk the LGBT activitst has been honored by the US Navy. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus held a ceremony August 16 2016 on Treasure Island in San Francisco to name the second in a class of new fleet oilers after him. “T-AO-206 will, for decades to come, serve as a visible legacy of Harvey Milk’s committed service to his nation, both as a sailor and as an activist,” Mabus said in a statement given to USNI News. “By adorning one of our ships with his name, his example will live on in the steel of that ship and in all those who will serve aboard her.”

Milk served in the Navy as a diving officer from 1951 to 1955. He was honorably discharged from the service as a lieutenant junior grade. He went on to be the first openly gay politician elected in California and was killed in office in 1978.