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PV named best gayborhood in GayTravel Awards 2016

Posted: 31/12/2016

By: GAY PV Magazine

Zona Romantica, in Puerto Vallarta has been named the best gayborhood of the year 2016 by GayTravel.com. In May 2016, Puerto Vallarta also became the first "Gay Travel Approved city in Mexico."  

Gay neighborhoods, also called "gayborhoods" like the Castro District in San Francisco, New York’s Greenwich Village, and Boystown in Chicago have long provided the LGBT community safe havens in which to live and thrive. The Romantic Zone or, "the Zona Romantica" in Puerto Vallarta Mexico has all the characteristics of the major US gayborhoods. What are the characteristics of a gayhorhood?  They have a distinct geographic focal point. the residents have a unique culture, the LGBT community sets the tone of the neighborhood (seen by the rainbow flag and the pride parade) and the LGBT community has a cluster of commerical spaces there. .

Let's explore the zone and discover the features of Puerto Vallarta's gayborhood. The daytime focal point is the gay beach in front of Blue Chairs and Mantamar Beach Club and at night shifts to the corner of Lazaro Cardenas and Ignacio Vallarta where La Noche, CC Slaughter's and Spartacus Spa are located. The gay activities and established nightlife of Puerto Vallarta rival that of much larger international gay destinations. The LGBT community certainly set the tone inside the Zona Romantica. Many businesses display and fly the rainbow flag and the annual Vallarta Pride festival is centered inside the zone. Puerto Vallarta's gayborhood also hosts many gay hotels like Casa Cupula, Hotel Mercurio and hundreds of gay businesses, tours, and restaurants. Read this article for more details on the Vallarta's Gayborhood. 

The mission of the Gay Travel Awards is to recognize and promote select destinations and travel-related companies around the globe.  These distinguished organizations lead by example and help to inspire other companies and brands around the world to follow their spirit of inclusiveness as well as to constantly improve their amenities and service levels. The GayTravel Awards focus on a variety of travel-related categories:

1. Airline, Commuter: Cape Air 

2Airline, International: Virgin Atlantic 

3. Airline, US: Southwest

4. Beach of the Year: 12th Street Beach, South Beach, Miami

5. Bed & Breakfast of the Year: The Candleberry Inn 

6. Cruise Line of the Year: Royal Caribbean International

7. Destination of the Year: Las Vegas

8. Event of the Summer: Out in the Vineyard, Gay Wine Weekend

9. Event of the Winter: Whistler Gay Pride & Ski Festival

10. Gay Bar of the Year: The Abbey West Hollywood 

Here is the complete list of awards for 2016. 

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