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Puerto Vallarta Listed as #2 LGBTQ Travel Destination

Posted: 02/03/2017

By: Mexico Tourism Board

Mexico is reporting that in the calendar year of 2016, the country saw growth of 9% over the prior year – more than double the worldwide industry average (3.9%) that was reported by the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) last month.

The record-breaking 35 million International visitors also spent 10.4% more money they guests did in the prior year, highlighting a growing demand in product from the region – from luxury goods, to the ever growing food scene. They’re also arriving by air, rather than by land or sea, more than ever, with a 10.7% growth over the previous year. Increased flight options are cited as one of the primary reasons for this increase.

“Mexico’s sustained, fast growth is a testament to the incredible quality and diversity in our tourism offering and the hard work for the entire industry, both internationally and domestically,” said Lourdes Berho, CEO of the Mexico Tourism Board.

“More than 9 million Mexicans working in the tourism and hospitality industry have made it their mission to ensure visitors have incredible experiences. Plans are already underway to ensure 2017 builds upon these achievements and that Mexico continues to welcome all visitors and give them reasons to come back again and again.”

And the good news for the Mexican tourism industry in 2016 didn’t stop there. To name just a few highlights…

And the list could go on. Looking ahead to the future, the Mexico Tourism Board has also announced a tourism development strategy for 2017 that includes a focus on developing expanded products and personalized marketing campaigns focusing on areas such as luxury, weddings and romance, diving, biodiversity and nature, culture, gastronomy, high-profile events, sports and adventure, as well as programs for audience segments such as millennials, LGBTQ and retirees. This strategy will help in achieving the new ambitious goal of reaching 50 million international visitors by 2021.

For more information about Mexico, visit visitmexico.com. Source: Mexico Tourism Board

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