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Uber Announces Arrival to Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Posted: 13/06/2017

By: GAY PV Magazine

Uber announced its arrival in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit on June 12 2017. Although a specific date was not announced it indicates is will begin operating soon and will provide customers with an extensive private transportation network in the Banderas Bay Region.  Uber's website and social media outlets have began looking for drivers interested in offering this exclusive taxi services in the Puerto Vallarta region. Drivers must have their own vehicle and those registering before June 19 can enjoy incentives of up to 12 thousand pesos during the first weeks.


Uber's arrival in the region of Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit has caused disagreement among citizens and taxi representatives in the area, especially the CTM, Choferes Autotransportistas and the Taxistas de Puerto Vallarta. They claim that Uber has no authority to operate in Puerto Vallarta. 

Also opposing the arrival of Uber to the region is the local deputy for Movimiento Ciudadano, Ramon Guerrero Martinez who stated that he would seek to block before the State Congress the entry of these type of companies, considering them unfair competition for taxi drivers.

However, this is not the first time that Uber faces the rejection in Jalisco, since the same thing happened previous to its arrival to Guadalajara. However, on May 11 of this year a federal judge granted Uber a final suspension of certain provisions of the Law of Mobility and Transportation of the State of Jalisco.

Uber reported that the judge ruled that the authorities will not be able to arrest Uber drivers nor interrupt the use of the technological platform.

Specifically, Uber pointed out that responsible authorities should refrain from carrying out coercive measures and sanctions against users of the Uber platform.

With this, the authorities in Jalisco will not be able to arrest and / or secure vehicles by being driven by users of the Uber electronic application or impose fines and administrative arrest against drivers of vehicles who continue to provide the service through this platform.

In addition, it prevents any penalty against persons requesting and using the private transport service through the application. The suspension granted is final and will remain in force until the judge issues the final judgment, however, the Jalisco authorities could challenge this decision.

Uber said it will defend 

They remain open to dialogue with all those involved in the mobility of Jalisco for the benefit of the general public.

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