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Taxi drivers from Puerto Vallarta will wait for Uber's amparo ending to take actions

Posted: 03/07/2017

By: GayPV Magazine

Taxi drivers from Puerto Vallarta will wait for Uber's amparo ending to take actions

The unions of taxi drivers will not continue with their protests waiting to follow the judicial route and not affect Puerto Vallarta.

Servando Sepúlveda Enríquez, Secretary of Mobility of the State of Jalisco, stated that Uber company has not complied with the requirements to operate legally in Guadalajara or its metropolitan area, and to do so used legal amparo initiated operations in Puerto Vallarta , without any authorization being sought from the state government. He also said that on July 17, the amparo will expire, and then it will be possible to take judicial determinations in the state against the breaches of the company. "However, next July 17 the federal authority will determine whether the suspension that has been filed is confirmed or if it is modified, and then we will be able to take state determinations in this respect, for now the amparo covers them at the state level," he said.

Likewise, it was agreed with the taxi driver's unions that they will not resort to violence or actions that harm the citizens or the image of the port, aware that roadblocks, manifestations that can lead to violence, confrontation with society in general do not benefit a city that lives from tourism. The meeting was attended by the CTM state leader in Jalisco, Rafael Yerena Zambrano, the mayor, Arturo Dávalos Peña and representatives of the taxi driver's unions, who agreed that due to the problems of public transport and the conflict of interest in the area of Taxis, the most important thing is to take care of the image of this tourist destination, whose fundamental activity depends on the perception of hospitality that has the city.

The unions of Permitary Taxi drivers (los Sindicatos de Permisionarios Taxistas) and the Sole of Drivers Motorists (Único de Choferes Autotransportistas), demanded to the Semov the beginning of operations of the Uber company since last Tuesday, that even led in a threat of blockades in the city Wednesday of this week. For his part, the municipal president said that after the agreement of non-affectation will see the legal terms of the matter: "What must be stressed is the message, no one is above the law, the primary thing is to respect institutions. On Monday we will be receiving the legal file that has the Ministry of Mobility (Secretaria de Movilidad) to mark the legal route, always respecting the law and the powers we have as a municipality. "He added that the municipal government has the power to act, to stop, "if they do not have a permit or concession, that's why we are going to see the legal route so as not to hurt but to take care of this tourist destination."

In this way, the taxi drivers' unions are committed not to carry out demonstrations that "strangle the municipality, we are going to take care of the city, so we will always be acting in accordance with the law. We have always acted in coordination with the federal and state government, with the entrepreneurs, always putting the order and the right of all ".

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