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Some PV Cab Drivers Are Now Thinking of Joining Uber

Posted: 07/07/2017

By: GayPV Magazine

Some PV Cab Drivers Are Now Thinking of Joining Uber

Among the taxi drivers belonging to the two unions in Puerto Vallarta, there are those who are determined not to between Uber and those who are in favor, waiting for news to change to Uber. Not all participated in the blockades of a few days ago against the drivers who work for this international company.

As it was announced in past days, the authorities of the government of Jalisco, through the Secretariat of Mobility, the Federation of Workers of Jalisco and the City of Puerto Vallarta, will be this next July 17, 2017, when the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation issues the final ruling in the case of the entity and in the special case of Puerto Vallarta, around the entrance of Uber.

There are yellow taxi drivers who are already planning to switch to this application, they just wait for that date to arrive to make the decision. They have criticized that for years there has always been a very special control in the granting of permits to operate. Agreements between employers, political figures and the state government to favor only a few. This generated forever that those who really win are the concessionary owners and not the taxi drivers. That is why some with their savings can acquire a vehicle and work as owners within Uber, thus ensuring that they will earn more and will own their own business.

For years there have been several families in Puerto Vallarta who always believed in the promises that they would have a concession to get a car and have the corresponding permit to operate and was never fulfilled. Today, some taxi drivers say, they have that opportunity. But they prefer to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals from other members of the guild of yellow taxi drivers.

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