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Taxis vs Uber Case in Puerto Vallarta: A Call to Stop Violence

Posted: 13/07/2017

By: GayPV Magazine

Taxis vs Uber Case in Puerto Vallarta: A Call to Stop Violence

The municipal police have the order of 'total stop' to the violence in the case of taxi drivers against Uber, confirmed Director de Seguridad Publica (public safety) of Puerto Vallarta, Jorge Hernandez Valencia. They have the order to act according to what the security regulations dictate, says the official.

The security official of Vallarta said that he turned the order from last week, after, during 7 days, registered at least 3 blockades daily against drivers of Uber, some of them with verbal or physical violence . "The elements have the order to act according to what the municipal safety regulations dictate. If they appreciate violence, whether physical or verbal, they must mediate; But we also need to have formal complaints, because very often they do not denounce the attacks, "said the commissioner. He added that elements of public security that ignore the aggressions can be reported to be sanctioned, although there is no record of such complaints within the corporation.

After several taxi drivers physically assaulted a Uber driver on Morelos Street last saturday night, the commissioner said that he had sufficient elements to proceed against the aggressors, however, it is not a crime that can be followed by Office in the prosecutor's office, which is why the formal complaint is necessary. "Of course I saw the videos (of the aggressions in Morelos street), I do not see any security element near, but we will reinforce security, because that is a strong area of the taxi drivers and we do not want to be repeated this," he said.

Finally, he invited taxi drivers and Uber drivers to stay calm and respect each other's work, in order not to damage the image of Puerto Vallarta.

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